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][ What the hell? ][
This site is certified 42% EVIL by the Gematriculator
][ Big Beltane Weekend ][
Wednesday. 5.6.09 10:22 am
Need I say more? It was awesome!

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There will be hope
Sunday. 5.11.08 3:56 pm
long post coming up soon

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][ Update on that Girl ][
Sunday. 4.27.08 12:02 pm
So she actually replied to me right? here it goes:

u need to grow up. u didn't need to use that fowl language with me. as for what i told the cops was the truth. u were drunk and you laid down for him. maybe i should have stop it but u never said no. my life is different now and has been for many years. how old is your son? cause i dought its chris' so you don't need to blaim me for you becoming a mother. after the words you have said to me you don't deserve any kind of apology. believe me i don't need you as a friend. i was trying to make amends. i won't bother with you no more. for the name callings... u don't know me so don't judge. god will spit on you cause of the way u treat others and what you have said to me.

So there are plenty things I could say to this but I kept it simple. If she really had changed good for her, if she really was trying to make amends, then sorry for MOST of the language. I told her she should have stopped it, because thats what friends do, protect each other. I also stated that a aborted Chris' child and that my son Jimmy is NOT his.

so we will see if she responds again

oh and god spitting on me! mwahahahaha take a look at my blinkies people?! does it look like I'm scared? I'm right with my Goddess, not hers and thats what is important to me.

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][ Parental Advisory ][ Languauge ][
Saturday. 4.26.08 10:02 am
So get this, this fucking whore that used to be my friend finds me on myspace and sends a friend request sayin' "hey girl, remember me? i see we have something in common, motherhood. if you want, lets talk. hope your well." Bitch ass mother fucker, set me up to be raped 7 years ago.

Here is my unsent yet response.: (I'm waiting to make sure I said everything I wanted to


Yeah bitch, I remember you, you're the cunt that laid back and watched me get raped by Chris Skipper while I was passed out. I remember you, you're the little bitch ass whore that lied to the police about it to save your fuck-friends ass. You REALLY think I give a fuck about you, and yes I HAVE waited 7 goddamn years for this opportunity and I will fucking take it. You think I may have sympathy or empathy for whatever fucked up world you live in now or however it was fucked up then? NO, wrong. You did the most horrible thing a woman could do to another, I have nothing for you but rage and nothing for your child but sadness that he has to grow up with a cock-sucking whore of a mother like yourself.

You don't know what I've done, been though, because of what I believe you set me up for. For taking my virginity, I hate you. For getting me pregnant before I turned 20, I despise you. And I will be the one hoping your uterus falls out and you rot inside. And I will be the one to spit on your grave. Then you have the FUCKING BALLS of a whore to message me like we're okay, and all this shit was a bad fucking dream. A message that never stated "look sorry", oh no thats right, because you don't give a fuck about your so called best friends you just wanted dick in your loose pussy and you didn't care where it came from. And what now bitch? Every piece of ass your could get up and left you? So you track me down? Well boo fucking hoo. I don't want you and I don't need you. I have better people in my life, people who actually give a fuck and won't let my body be violated by some goddamn faggot punk ass pussy fuck who needs to fuck someone passed out to get what he wants. You're nothing but a cunt whore for what you did and most likely what you still are. I feel sorry for your kid, I hope his mother grew the fuck up.

][ Edit/Add-on][

And talk? You truly are out of your motherfucking mind now aren't you? To think that even after 7 years I would want to talk?? Fucking nuts you are. You know you had a fucking shot to talk to the cops, you had a fucking shot when you and Christy Capps came up to my job. You're a bitch. You're a whore. I call you these things because thats what you did, you fucked all the boys for what they could give you, spouted promises of love and whatever the fuck it was, only to ditch them for the fresh cock that would call on your cell phone. Learn from your mistakes bitch learn and mean it try fucking saying you're fucking sorry and mean it. Maybe I wouldn't think you were such a faggot cunt if you had.

As far as you replying to this, I don't give a fuck. Unless it's an apology for what you did I don't want to hear another word from your shit filled mouth. Get that through you're head bitch. I don't want a goddamn thing to do with you. So yeah now you're gonna go cry to whatever cock you have between your sheets and I don't care. Unless its a real fucking tear stained "I'm sorry" get the fuck out of my life. But you're not even capable of that now are you?

its still unfinished tho

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This is the Big Update
Thursday. 4.24.08 2:12 pm
on October 4th of 2007 I caught Jim cheating with nude photos of an girl on his cell phone, Not like a model that he had on before, but of someone he knew, complete with xxx rated closeups. At which point I slapped him openhanded (right hand left side of face), told him I was leaving and left the bedroom to get our son who I had every intention of taking with me. Jim then followed me down the hallway and before I could get to my son's closed door ( baby was taking a nap)he hit me , punched me 5-6 times in my arms and shoulders, I crouched to protect my face. He then turned back to the bedroom to go back to Sleep because he was tired and had worked all night at his 3rd shift job. I collected my vital things, list is ( 1 son,2 diapers,3 wipes,4 son clothes) shoved it all in a diaper bag and the last thing Jim heard was the front door slamming(!!) shut. I called a few family and friends for support then headed the only place I knew where. Local firehouse, from there those kind firemen called the city police and Jim was arrested for assault on a female. Court found him not guilty of the charge, but every one in that room knows he did it, especially the police officer that was called to witness

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Saturday. 4.19.08 9:40 am
I came back, I always come back, but now I come back with 24/7 internet at home

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